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Data-Driven Decision Making

When you work with the Precision team, you gain access to some of the most advanced technologies available for media tracking and analysis.  We license a range of 3rd party software and tools, including lead management, website optimization, and SEM bidding, among others.  Using data generated from these tools, we provide detailed measurement and attribution, clear and concise reporting, and trending analysis that allow us to provide you with effective recommendations for improvement.

All of these are available to you at no additional charge and are included in our pricing model.  For any of the software tools you use as part of the services we provide, we perform all the account setup and transition, in addition to ongoing updates and optimizations.  Think of these software tools as assets that enhance your organization’s value.  If, at some point in the future, you choose to bring these assets in-house, you can license them directly from the vendors.

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"The team at Precision has been instrumental in shaping our brand and growing our business. Through innovative, forward-thinking, data-driven marketing strategies, Precision has helped drive significant growth in our enrollment over the past two years."

— Kent Parrish, President, California Flight Academy

"Precision Advertising has helped to reshape our school brand while driving increased traffic to our landing pages and website. In terms of design, branding, lead management, and traditional media, they are the experts."

— Adriana Costenaro, President, Bryan College Toronto Canada