Track & Measure ROI

Dollars in the Details

The digital age of advanced tracking tools has eliminated any excuse for marketers to not track the impact of every single dollar invested in advertising. Don’t waste your time and money on marketing efforts that simply “raise brand awareness.”  At Precision, we understand that every lead, every click, and every ad campaign comes with a price, and we have the tools and technologies to tell you what the ROI is for every dollar spent.

Clear, Concise Reporting

When it comes to reports, data is king.  We cut through the nebulous marketing cliches and provide you with a clear and simple picture of how your marketing efforts are impacting your business. Our reporting procedures provide full transparency combined with clear recommendations so that you can make the best decisions possible.

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"The team at Precision has been instrumental in shaping our brand and growing our business. Through innovative, forward-thinking, data-driven marketing strategies, Precision has helped drive significant growth in our enrollment over the past two years."

— Kent Parrish, President, California Flight Academy

"Precision Advertising has helped to reshape our school brand while driving increased traffic to our landing pages and website. In terms of design, branding, lead management, and traditional media, they are the experts."

— Adriana Costenaro, President, Bryan College Toronto Canada