Build Your Brand

First Impressions Count

Your brand makes an immediate impression on prospective customers, and attracts those customers who want to share in your experience. We have a proven track record of successfully branding new businesses, but also re-branding existing businesses. First impressions of your brand last, so we’re here to make sure that first impression counts.

More Than Just a Logo

Our exceptional creative & design team can help encapsulate your vision and story in a branding package that carries your message simply and tactfully to prospective customers with distinction and impact.  In addition to a branding package that includes a custom logo, tagline and design guide, we also provide stationary, business cards and other marketing materials to make sure your brand gets noticed.

Marketing Materials Decoded

We frequently get asked by clients: what marketing materials and strategies should I use? Flyer? Brochure? Rack card? Email or direct mail campaign? Our answer is simple: whatever attracts the right customers and gets the biggest result for the least investment.  With the plethora of collateral and marketing strategies to choose from, let our experienced team help you develop an effective marketing strategy with supporting collateral that will motivate action and garner results – all within your budget.

Put Us to Work »

"The team at Precision has been instrumental in shaping our brand and growing our business. Through innovative, forward-thinking, data-driven marketing strategies, Precision has helped drive significant growth in our enrollment over the past two years."

— Kent Parrish, President, California Flight Academy

"Precision Advertising has helped to reshape our school brand while driving increased traffic to our landing pages and website. In terms of design, branding, lead management, and traditional media, they are the experts."

— Adriana Costenaro, President, Bryan College Toronto Canada