Refine the Quality of Pay-Per-Lead Sources

You Have Enough to Worry About

There are typically dozens of lead sources and third-party affiliates for you to choose from, but only a portion of those sources will make a substantial impact on your future growth. The task of qualifying, setting up, and managing lead vendor relationships is a time-consuming process. Add to this the changing regulatory environment, TCPA compliance, monthly billing and reconciliation, and the constant need for ongoing updates and optimization, and this becomes a truly daunting effort.

At Precision, we take the headache and stress out of lead management by performing these services for you, all for one inexpensive per-lead price.  We maintain relationships with dozens of lead generation companies, all of whom are integrated with our cutting-edge lead management software (hosted in the cloud, software-as-a-service).  For new vendor relationships, we require a strict, proprietary vetting and insertion order contracting and on-boarding process, which includes auditing the vendor for regulatory compliance. We employ full-time, dedicated staff whose sole responsibility is to improve lead quality and conversion.  Our technology allows you to filter, route, and score leads just about any way you’d like, and based upon any form field. Examples include:

  • Filter leads outside a specific geo-target (zip code, state, county, etc.)
  • Capture leads with a specific highest level of education
  • Filter out leads that don’t match specific programs or products of interest
  • Automatic de-duping (based upon duplicate criteria you choose)
  • Require vendors to pass a TCPA compliance field
  • Validate email addresses and phone numbers prior to posting into your CRM
  • Institute lead caps daily, weekly, monthly and by program or product of interest
  • Many more!

Pain-Free Planning & Set-Up

Once we’ve identified the vendor lead sources that fit your needs, we’ll develop a plan to execute.  If you already use a list of third-party lead sources, we can easily and seamlessly integrate them into our software.  You’ll most likely discover that many vendors you work with are already integrated and working with us!

Ongoing Reporting, Optimization & Auditing

Once the third-party lead provider is set-up on our software, we perform daily review and de-duping procedures, in addition to monitoring lead caps, budgets, and quality indicators.  On a monthly and quarterly basis, we monitor placement accuracy along with compliance.  We have proprietary lead policies and automated processes in place to ensure that your lead flow is managed meticulously and within your budget.

We’re Here When You Need Us

If a problem arises, we will respond immediately.  All team members at Precision carry cell phones so we can be contacted promptly.

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"The team at Precision has been instrumental in shaping our brand and growing our business. Through innovative, forward-thinking, data-driven marketing strategies, Precision has helped drive significant growth in our enrollment over the past two years."

— Kent Parrish, President, California Flight Academy

"Precision Advertising has helped to reshape our school brand while driving increased traffic to our landing pages and website. In terms of design, branding, lead management, and traditional media, they are the experts."

— Adriana Costenaro, President, Bryan College Toronto Canada